Summer 2015 Newsletter

Tip and Laurie Killingsworth
Kilmacoo, Avoca,
Arklow, Co. Wicklow

Dearest friends and family,

When we returned to Ireland in September 2012, our focus was to help recovering addicts to find the Lord, break free from substance abuse, and move on with their lives in freedom and victory. God knitted our hearts with several precious men and women during the following year, and we’ve continued to stay in touch with many of them after they left Teen Challenge and moved on with their lives. Most of the guys have spent time in prison, and often their convictions were related to sustaining their drug habits. Over the past months, the Lord has been moving us toward those who aren’t able to get into an addiction recovery program, because they’re confined within prison walls. The sad truth is that they’re as able to get drugs on the inside of those walls, as they are on the outside.


Sam, Pattie, Connie, Laurie and Tip  

“Release” is a new prison ministry in Ireland, which began in a Dublin church a year ago. We’re working closely with Sam and Pattie Allgood (also Americans), who’re directing CBSI (Community Bible Studies Int’l) in Ireland. Connie Burke is our very capable Irish administrator and “getter doner.” J We’re currently focused on training 20+ leaders this summer (both men and women), and in late August will begin our first Bible study course on the book of Luke. I’ve been asked to serve as the Dean of Studies as we kick off the new Release Bible Academy, which will bring a wide variety of Bible study courses into the four prisons in which we currently work, with a fifth in development.


Frank, Laurie, Tip, Paul, Brian and Mary

As I was preparing for our Release Bible Academy training last weekend, a new friend (Paul) phoned me with the desire to develop a business plan for a way to win and reclaim the lives of many young people in his depressed area of Dublin. He has a history of both substance abuse and prison, so can totally identify with young people who struggle in these areas. We arranged to meet after our training on Saturday, and Frank and Mary Smyth and Brian Callaghan joined us. (All three came to know the Lord during our previous years in Ireland in the 70’s-80’s, and drove from Galway to Dublin to begin training so they can develop a prison ministry in their area.) Our lunch developed into a brainstorming session on how to help Paul get his vision off the ground. J All four would greatly appreciate your prayers!

We’re looking forward to having Trinity come for a 10-day visit on July 3! She’s been living with an Arab family in the Palestinian West Bank of Israel (Bethlehem) for a month long project, and will stop off in Ireland on her way back to NYC. (She has two more projects in Israel in July and August, so has sublet her apt. for the summer.) She’ll be sharing her testimony and experiences in our church on July 5, and we know she’d greatly appreciate your prayers!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to reach out to the lost and weary here in Europe. It would be impossible for us to serve here without a supportive team of friends behind us … praying, giving and encouraging. Please pray that the Lord would bring our support level back up to subsistence level, as a few supporters have had to leave our team this year. The giving link is on our website at We also continue to have the same ministry address for checks and snail mail: Masterlife Int’l, P.O. Box 4784, Lynchburg, VA 24502. If you’d ever like to chat about anything at all, we have two U.S. phone numbers that will reach us here … 434-509-0722 (my cell) or 480-389-0655 (house phone).  

We love and appreciate you more than words can say,

Tip & Laurie