Tip and Laurie's Newest Adventure


Planting Journey Church in Wicklow, Ireland, is an exciting new ministry opportunity in 2014 and beyond.  God has wonderfully answered their prayers for direction since Tip and Laurie Killingsworth closed on their home in Virginia, and returned to Ireland in early November 2013.   He led them to some wonderful godly new friends to plant a church in Wicklow, a nearby town of over 10,000 people with a miniscule presence of Bible teaching, discipleship based churches.  They hit the ground running last week as they started Journey Church.  They have Journey Fellowship on Wednesday evenings, and Gordon Irons is teaching on The Sermon on the Mount for the first couple of months.  (He has a ministry degree from the Irish Bible Institute).  Tip is the "lead pastor," and is teaching chronological NT Bible storying on Sunday mornings.  They plan to wait a few months before they pursue a public meeting place in the town center, as they solidify their core.  On February 1, they'll start Saturday morning discipleship groups (Journey Women and Journey Men), for guys and gals from 13 years old and up.  Tip will teach the guys, life principles from Proverbs using "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived," and Laurie will teach the gals from "Girls with Swords" (How to carry your cross like a hero.).  We greatly appreciate your prayers!

Ther goal in Journey Church is to disciple men and women to become productive and spiritually grounded "World Christians."  (Matthew 28:18-20)

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