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Our Mission
MasterLife International exists to help individuals and organizations grow by developing godly leadership, improving organizational focus, minimizing interpersonal problems, and pursuing goals that are truly worth achieving for eternal impact.

Tip & Laurie Killingsworth are trained in how to use the Prepare Enrich tool for helping couples before and after marriage to live a satisfying married life in very way possible.  Married in 1970 with five children and nine grandchildren, gives them a unique vantage point to help others with various problems and life skills situations. Going to a divorced marriage counselor or getting parenting advice from someone with a three year old makes about as much sense as going to a bankrupt entrepreneur for help running a successful company!

During the Killingsworth’s 30 years with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), they served with Rick Warren at Saddleback for five years, and 11 years with Dr. Jim Henry at First Baptist Church of Orlando led up to our five years serving in a range of ministries at Thomas Road Baptist Church. “Being part of so many people’s lives has been an incredible JOY to Laurie and me. God has taught us SO much over the years spent in ‘congregational care.'” They’re available for helping others in the area of “Life Coach.” Seeing people grow, develop, get free from “Junk” and get involved in ministry is their passion.

For couples needing premarital counseling, they’re trained to use the Prepare-Enrich tool. See for details on that.

For couples struggling to build a marriage of distinction, they’re available to help. For an appointment, phone 434-509-0722.

For work with career development, Tip has his Professional In Human Resources, and can help with resume development, interviewing for impact, and searching for just the right position. Send us an email to request help in any of these areas.

In the four years (’87-’91) that Laurie and I worked with Rick Warren as Lay Pastors to help Saddleback grow and build leaders, it became obvious that growth quantitatively is the result of qualitative leadership development among the members, and that requires discipleship. We see the continual need for quality leadership development among those guiding the local church in the 21st Century. That’s our passion in life.

The MasterLife group of organizations exists to help you be more effective as you follow The Master Plan for life.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 4784
Lynchburg, VA 24502
Telephone 434-509-0722